The Easter-Tree from Family Kraft:
was decorated by

1965 - 2015

nach Ostern 2016:
Worldwide seen at airports:
Family Krafts Eastertree!

airport Singapore

airport Singapore (Foto: P. Hoffmann)

airport Sydney

airport Sydney


April 3, 2016:
Christa & Volker Kraft will be honored:



March 23, 2016:
... Somehow not quieter.
Today the RTL was again in the garden...

rtl im garten


March 22, 2016:
Letter from Russia to the Krafts!

brief aus russland!


March 21, 2016:

Our Easter is quiet this year ... ;)
ostern 2016

ostern 2016

ostern 2016

unsere osterplätzchen 2016

ostern 2016


March 20, 2016:

"Hype" to Christa & Volker Kraft... ;)

im schlosspark
im schlosspark
im schlosspark
im schlosspark

im schlosspark
interview durch schüler

March 19, 2016:

kolumne pressebüro bähring
Thank you Herr Bähring!

saalebogen städtedreieck


March 18, 2016:

Today the ZDF was again to shoot in the garden...

zdf im garten

zdf im garten


March 14, 2016:

otz 14.03.2016


February 15, 2016:

otz 15.02.2016


January 30, 2016:
Today, most of our Easter eggs gone on the trip ...
A new tree in the Castle Park Saalfeld
is decorated by different people.



April 29, 2015:
Award from the town of Saalfeld!


April 14, 2015:
es war einmal...
Once upon a time ...

April 8, 2015:
The garden is closed - forever!

April 3, 2015:
people, people, people...
people, people

March 29, 2015:
people, people, people...

March 28, 2015:
We still can't believe the masses pouring into our garden!

March 27, 2015:
Visitors everywhere although the weather is still pretty rough.

March 26, 2015:
First rather quiet day ;)

March 24/25, 2015:
Weather was cold, but still: people everywhere!

March 23, 2015:
Today was a special day! The "mouse" visited our tree. And we had sheer masses of people in our garden!

March 22, 2015:
Just as yesterday: people over people!

March 21, 2015:
First day open and the weather was rather grey. But still many visitors!

March 20, 2015:
Final work around the tree. From tomorrow on until the 6th of April we are open from 10am to 6pm!

March 19, 2015:
- Thatswhy we're still not open! -

March 18, 2015:
The garden is still prepared for the thousands of visitors we're expecting.
- Thatswhy we're still not open! -

March 17, 2015:
All 10000 eggs are finally hanging! We made it for the last time! Still, the garden itself needs to be shape as well.

March 16, 2015:
9000 eggs in total, the countdown has begun... but there is still lots of work to do.
March 15, 2015:
The news magazine "Thüringen Journal" visited us today, and an additional 1150 eggs were added to the tree, so there are just 1825 eggs missing!
March 14, 2015:
Another unpleasent day, let's see how we get on.
March 13, 2015:
Weather was very cold and wet, so we just added 850 and have 6475 in total.

March 12, 2015:
And another 1050 eggs today. We've got more than half of them hanging: 5625 for now!

March 11, 2015:
1050 additional eggs! We're close to the half way point.

March 09, 2015:
1600 eggs were added to the tree today. This makes 3525 in total.

March 08, 2015:
750 eggs were added to the tree today. This makes 1925 in total.

March 07, 2015:
Today, with beautiful weather, we managed to put 1175 eggs on the tree.

April 25, 2014:
...fast leer

April 21, 2014:
Our tree is history for now. Until next year! Thank you for all the guestbook entries from all over the world!

April 20, 2014:
Many, many visitors every day!!!!

April 1, 2014:
Volker Krafts birthday! 78 years! And where is he? Of course, with his wife in his garden, patiently answering the questions of every visitor.

March 31, 2014:
Less visitors on weekdays, and the weather became bad.

March 30, 2014:
...again beautiful weather and many, many more visitors.

March 29, 2014:
Huge boom in visitors today! Maik Kowalleck, member of the Landtag of Thuringia, spent a day at the tree and thanked Volker Kraft for this attraction in Saalfeld.

March 28, 2014:
The garden is open :) Many visitors already visited the tree.

March 24, 2014:
It's basically done! We plan to open the garden from March 26 to April 21.

March 22, 2014:
We still have to work on the garden - it's not open yet.

March 21, 2014:
Finishing touches on the tree. There are still some eggs missing and the whole garden needs to be in shape!

March 19, 2014:
1250 new eggs on the tree today. Just 600 to go.

March 18, 2014:
It became rainy in the afternoon, so we managed just another 750 eggs and have 8150 in total.

March 17, 2014:
1050 additional eggs today, so we have 7400.

March 16, 2014:
Very windy and cold weather today, but the eggs are still hangig. Christa and Volker managed to put up another 600 of them. So we have a total of 6350 eggs.

March 15, 2014:
Cold, windy and wet today. So just 500 additional eggs and 5750 in total. Dear visitors: the garden is NOT OPEN YET. We will inform you here once it is.

March 14, 2014:
Again 1250 eggs. With 5250 eggs we have more than half of the job done already. But over the weekend, weather forecast isn't exactly good.

March 13, 2014:
Again best weather in spring. 1250 additional eggs today, so we have 4000 in total.

March 12, 2014:
The weather is just awesome! 925 eggs were put up today so we have 2750 in total. That's more than one-fourth!

March 11, 2014:
1200 eggs were added to the tree today. This makes 1825 in total.

March 10, 2014:
Today, with beautiful weather, we managed to put 625 eggs on the tree. Weather forecast looks good as well!

Our "Easter Tree Season" 2013 has come to an end.
From now on, the garden door will be closed.
Dear visitors, we like to thank you very very much for all your lovely wishes, guestbook entries, private mails, gifts, eggs etc. and especially for your visits! Our "Eggman" loves to see so many other people having fun and joy with his hobby. Stay healthy and see you probably next year...

April 7, 2013:
Our tree is history for now. Until next year! Thank you for all the guestbook entries from all over the world!

April 2, 2013:
Weather is cold and windy, and we started to remove the first eggs on the backside of the tree. Still, many visitors chose to watch.

April 1, 2013:
Easter Monday and the (pretty much) last day to visit our tree. Many many visitors took that chance and walked up to our tree.

March 31, 2013:
Another snowy day. Still the visitors couldn't care less and took a look.

March 30, 2013:
Winter mood in the morning, but for the rest of the day the snow had gone! Again, lots of people visited our tree.

March 29, 2013:
Weather was pretty good today. Sheer masses walked up to our little tree.

March 28, 2013:
And another run on our tree in the snow! Also, a huge Easter bunny was inflated as a test in our garden. Some new pics have been added to our gallery.

March 27, 2013:
A big "run" on our tree! Russian television and RTL were our guests today.

March 26, 2013:
It remains icy and windy. But visitors do not be put off by the weather, they came again today in streams to the garden.

March 25, 2013:
This won't be a warm Easter at all. And now the wind is strong, too.
Weatherlady Claudia Hauboldt brought the weather forecast for the coming days directly from our Easter tree.

Wetterfee Claudia

March 24, 2013:
Still cold today, but a constant stream of visitors!

March 23, 2013:
Cold, colder, even colder... no, we never experiencend something like that before. Even the migratory birds turn around again. Nevertheless, we had plenty of visitors today!

March 22, 2013:
Temperatures are getting colder... again. We had some schools visiting us, as well as some sporadic visitors. It was never as cold and as long as cold as this year. ...and there was another film team, though they made their very "own" story about the tree: lots of things had nothing to do with reality.

March 21, 2013:
Again frosty weather, but we still had a couple of school classes and regular visitors. And for the TV show "Volle Kanne-Service täglich" (28.03. on ZDF), another film team shivered with us, too. ;o)


March 20, 2013:
Despire temporarily bad weather there was quite a lot going on at the tree, especially before noon. Even the local TV station was on the spot. The result can be seen next week on our "home" below the media reports.

March 19, 2013:
It fell a lot of snow during the night so we had the chance to take some beautiful pictures in the morning (soon to be seen in the gallery)! The day was very unsettled. As the weather changed, the visitors came and left. ;)
Jens Meyer from AP was here again, did some amazing shots and sent them out into the world...

March 18, 2013:
Just about 20 visitors today went up to see our tree - besides very wet and cold weaher... and the forecast isn't any better - no spring in sight! Also, our "bunnies" around the tree are still missing because the snow has to vanish first. This year, a lot of things are different.
Pictures of Valentina Patzlaff:
to the pictures

March 17, 2013:
Many people cosidered todays weather good enough for a walk to our Easter tree.


March 16, 2013:
We open the garden at around 11 o'clock. Many visitors used the great weather today for a walk.

March 15, 2013:
In virtually the last minute we managed to complete (nearly) everthing today.

March 14, 2013:
We finished today. All 10000 eggs are up! Already looks great with the snow, though spring could still start to appear...


Well, since it was already there, we used the snow to count as well ;)


Now we start decorating everything around the tree and from Saturday noon on, the garden is open for visitors.
The little Easter tree on the opposite side on the crocos hillside won`t be decorated this year, since the hill is way too high covered in snow but the crocos are already about to sprout. We don`t want to tread them down... This is the first time that the weather puts a spoke in our wheel!

March 13, 2013:
Again a lot of snow during the night! Temperature was just over 0°C and we got another 1000 eggs on the tree. So there are just about 650 eggs waiting for their mission! It is expected that we will open our garden from 16th March on. A new brochure and new post cards are available!

March 12, 2013:
Snow wherever you look. It is snowing without cease. We put on another 100 eggs, more was impossible. However, our eggs look lovely with their snow hats! 8350 eggs on the tree in total now, from tomorrow on the weather is said to get better. We will see. New pictures have also been uploaded (egg #4)!

March 11, 2013:

Spring, as if! Winter came back over night and everything was frozen. No additional eggs today from us, but a Galileo film crew made a reportage about it and the reporter hung up 100.

March 10, 2013:
Weather was good at the beginning, but it started to rain in the afternoon and it got much colder. We still managed to hang another 750 eggs. 8150 of them are now on the tree in total and call desperately for spring!

March 9, 2013:
Dull again. And yet 1000 more eggs!

March 8, 2013:
Dull weather, but another 1050 eggs on the tree. We have 6400 in total hanging now, and the next days are said to get even worse. Winter is coming back!

March 7, 2013:
1425 eggs were added to the tree today. This makes 5350 in total - more than half of the final 10000. But weather is said to get worse, so our daily rates may drop. Dear visitors, please be aware that we don't open our garden before we're done with everything! This will be announced here as soon as possible. Thank you!

March 6, 2013:
...another 1500 eggs found their way on the tree. So we already have about one-third of them hanging! Weather was amazing again, but there is still about 10 cm of snow.

March 5, 2013:
On the second day we managed another 1225 eggs, so we are now at 2425 in total!

March 4, 2013:
Today, with beautiful weather, we managed to put 1200 eggs on the tree. Weather forecast looks good as well!

March 3, 2013:
Further hooks were assembled. The tree got its final trim.

March 2, 2013:
The first eggs were put onto hooks, from which they'll soon be hung on the tree. The weather is sunny, the snow is melting and it looks good for the next few days.


eierstapel und haken

March 1, 2013:
All egg cartons have been stacked and are ready for use. Have a tiny look at a small part of them here...


February 28, 2013:
... that goes without words ;)

schnee schippen

February 27, 2013:
Today was all about shoveling snow. It's still up to 50 cm!

February 26, 2013:
Current weather does not allow us to starting decorating the tree. Even the trimming preperations had to be stopped.

February 18, 2013:
We are already receiving lots of inquiries about our Easter tree. Today, the tree is still being trimmed. All preperations are working at full speed, although you won't see anything of it regarding the tree itself. The first eggs will be hung up in early March, if the weather allows it. In 2013 there will also be new postcards and a new brochure!

April 15, 2012:
Our tree is history for now. Until next year! Thank you for all the guestbook entries from all over the world!

April 9, 2012:
Over 15,000 visitors attended the Easter tree. We are about to remove the eggs from the tree now. Thank you for all the guestbook entries from all over the world!

March 22, 2012:
film by Stefan Thomas & Mario Schultz:
flight over the easter-tree

March 17, 2012:
The last eggs found their way on the tree. There are now 10000 eggs - more than ever.You can visit the tree March 21.

March 16, 2012:
It was a sunny day and 1500 eggs found their way on the tree. The countdown is running...!

March 15, 2012:
525 more eggs. Now 8300 eggs in total. There are 1700 missing until we reach 10000.

March 13/14, 2012:
It was cold so we needed to wait.

March 12, 2012:
1300 more eggs.

March 11, 2012:
575 additional eggs are on the tree.

March 10, 2012:
675 additional eggs are on the tree.

March 9, 2012:
On a sunny day 1400 eggs found their way on the tree.

March 8, 2012:
400 additional eggs are on the tree.

March 7, 2012:
1300 additional eggs are on the tree.

March 6, 2012:
875 additional eggs are on the tree.

March 5, 2012:
It is happening again! The first 1250 eggs found their place at the tree.

April 28, 2011:
We are about to remove the eggs from the tree now.

March 28, 2011:
The last eggs found their way on the tree. There are now 9800 eggs - more than ever.You can visit the tree April 2.

March 27, 2011:
It was a sunny day and 1050 eggs found their way on the tree.

March 26, 2011:
It was a rainy day. No further eggs!

March 25, 2011:
1400 additional eggs today. That brings us to 7850 eggs in total.

March 24, 2011:
1400 more eggs. Now 6450 eggs in total.

March 23, 2011:
1300 more eggs found their way on the tree. Now 5050 eggs in total.

March 22, 2011:
500 more eggs. Now 3750 eggs in total.

March 21, 2011:
1100 more eggs. Now 3250 eggs in total.

March 20, 2011:
1250 more eggs.

March 19, 2011:
On a sunny day but with cold air the first 900 eggs found their way on the tree.

April 13, 2010:
We are about to remove the eggs from the tree now.

March 30, 2010:
Because the leaves are flushing, you can visit the tree until (including) April 11.

March 20, 2010:
From now on, the tree is ready for all visitors. To enter the garden and see it in full detail, you should arrive between 13:00 and 18:00. If you want to visit us earlier, we highly recommend you to contact us (if possible: in German language).

March 16, 2010:
There are now 9500 eggs at the tree - more than ever. But there is still some work to do - the whole garden is waiting for decoration!

March 15, 2010:
New record - 1300 additional eggs on a single day, bringing us to 8725. If everything works all right, we should have all eggs hanging by tomorrow.

March 14, 2010:
Now 7425 eggs in total - that are 1000 more than yesterday!

March 13, 2010:
Just 350 more eggs. The TV team filmed all aspects of how the eggs are created.

March 12, 2010:
950 additional eggs today (bringing us to 6075 in total). This was also recorded by a TV team and local press.

March 11, 2010:
5125 eggs - although only two "full time workers" decorate the tree this year.

March 10, 2010:
At the end of the fourth day we have 4000 eggs hanging at the tree. Thats almost the half!

March 9, 2010:
The weather is still trying to keep us from our work - "only" 925 additional eggs today. That brings us to 2925 eggs in total.

March 8, 2010:
1250 additional eggs found their place. That makes 2000 eggs in total. However, the weather was even worse than yesterday.

March 7, 2010:
It is happening again! The first 750 eggs found their place at the tree. We still hope for better weather because its freezing cold.

April 27, 2009:
Our tree is in full bloom now (image 164/165). The website has been updated with the new pictures of the tree and magazines of 2009. Thank you much for all letters with the magazines from around the world! Also, many thanks for all your guestbook messages!

April 22, 2009:
Our tree is history for now. Because of the nice weather we could empty the tree easily! Until next year!

April 19, 2009:
A week after Easter, we started today to empty the tree.

April 15, 2009:
We have still many visitors, but the tree is already budding!

April 5, 2009:
We had more than 2000 visitors so far, including TV teams. It could be seen in the "Stern" magazine! Our phone rang all the time from this moment on. Unbelievable!

March 31, 2009:
Spring finally arrived! The first visitors took a look. The first pictures spread around the world after an AP journalist visited the tree. We had a lot of feedback from the USA. From now on we have another link (16). You can choose among 9 different eCards, that you can send to your friends. Enjoy!

March 24, 2009:
The first big thunderstorm came over the tree. To our great surprise, almost without losses! But there are still storms reported for the next days. From now on someone of us will be there. If you phone/mail us, you can also visit us in the morning. We have a new brochure and new postcards available this year.

March 21, 2009:
Done!!! The last 825 eggs are hanging. Now all we have to do is to decorate all around the tree. It will be open to visit at 24th of march. This year we have a total of 9200 eggs. Now we are ready for Easter...

March 20, 2009:
Very cold today, but we managed another 1375 eggs. Total: 8375 eggs.

March 19, 2009:
Although we had two little snowstorms, we could manage another 1300 eggs. Total: 7000 eggs.

March 18, 2009:
Nice weather today and 1350 more eggs. This brings us to 5700 now - thats about 60%.

March 17, 2009:
1150 additional eggs are on the tree. This makes a total of 4350 eggs. Not even the half.

March 16, 2009:
The weather was fine all day, so we could accomplish another 1450 eggs. We have a total of 3200 hanging now.

March 15, 2009:
It rained all day so we needed to wait.

March 14, 2009:
1750 eggs are on the tree now.

March 13, 2009:
... and here we go. The first eggs are hanging.

March 7, 2009:
We finished trimming the tree so now everything is ready to start!

January 18, 2009:
English version of our site is released.

January 8, 2009:
The website is now completely based upon CSS and PHP.

January 1, 2009:
Pictures of the new eggs for 2009 uploaded.